Wouldn't Last

from by Jonah

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Wouldn’t Last

Original beat – ‘Lark on My Go Kart’ by Asher Roth

[Verse 1]

What they sayin ‘bout my cadence when I lay down my Le Mis
Lam riddlin rapper, Mad Hatter like I’m raven
Double entendre ‘cause I’m ravin crazy when I’m tapin
But that unsolvable shit that Alice tripped on ain’t the same thing
He won’t last, explainin lines that he trashed
And platting baps that he snatched from every last rappers stash
Just clap, then we’ll dash, unplug our cables from the back
Of all known modems hosting any Hug Life tracks
And that’ll be his last tape, so help me it’s a fact
But I’m fighting back and rapping craft that most the other gabbers lack
Hooking fast and juking laughs from the critics and the brash
I beat what they shrieked to me, I’m feelin free so come and dap


And they said it wouldn’t last
Said it wouldn’t last
And they said it wouldn’t last
And they said it wouldn’t

[Verse 2]

So if you love that girl go get her
Ain’t getting younger by the day, afraid of what she might say
Stuck dreamin of the way that life could’ve been paved
If you would’ve raised that chest and asked that question all brave
Hate runs through my veins when I regret my retched
Mind that I threw, now I’m slitherin off to fetch it
Catchin every breathless night, sleep deprived brethren
‘Cause we’re wishin that we did it back when getting was the best and
Good heavens, I’m feeling so damn irrelevant
Making poor decisions then relive ‘em for the hell of it
Delegate for the delicate rebel gaining the leverage
Towards every kid that missed the chance to kiss and then revel it


[Verse 3]

Well they say a lot of shit but they talk out their ass
That blabbin a crafted ratchet flabbergasted type of crap
That drafts through every hole of ever heart in every cat
And packs a little punch with the lunge it drags
Hunch and laugh, ‘cause we’re better than that
Don’t need a letterman jacket to practice your craft
Just crack through the norms and pour through the swarms
Of Jordans parkouring on hoards blaring Lorde
And roar like the whore to music’s core you restored
By boring trap tracks that drop fast and lack chords
Of course you’re much more than folks expecting life’s doors
To pour open, judging cats on their Flappy Bird scores
Hear, hear

[Verse 4]

And I don’t really know yet if I’m proving them wrong
Still screwing in the bolts to upholding my songs
And prolonging every strong line I write, scripting life
I love so excuse me while I kiss the sky
By and by the time flies remembering all it hides
In the lines of every bride we didn’t bind in then dive
Into life with everything we ever wanted at our side
Bite our lips and gotta try, dreams aren’t made following lies



from Hug Life, track released April 6, 2014
Original beat – ‘Lark on My Go Kart’ by Asher Roth



all rights reserved


Jonah Tallahassee, Florida

Music is still alive.

Influences: MF DOOM, Nas, Milo, Earl Sweatshirt, Chance the Rapper.

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