Tissue (Prod. Realms)

from by Jonah

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I’m feelin like your tissue ‘cause I heard he might have hit you
Then ditched you all crippled, impressed his face into your temple
And dribbled a little spittle down your face to make you hiccup
A jolt of his dismissal just so he could see your nipples
Damn, a fine man you had grasped in your hands
Wanna relapse to that, wanna smash then trash can
Goodness ma’am, and gracious god she’ll demand a plan
For a brand new dance a day after she ripped a ring from hand
Promised land, I’ll never reach it
Another leach on her regret before I can even preach it
Jesus I’m screamin, ‘cause she don’t know why Papi’s leavin
Not appreciate of my grievance bank for storing all her secrets
In pieces she weepin greeted by staring at her cleavage
I see that you are weepin but just need a little Aretha
Just need a little respect for all this shit that I am keeping
Deep in my weak meat and pleading I’ll be the next to treat you right
The cold knife of life setting in
Grinned when grim thoughts creeped to seep into blend
Of hems and the penned thoughts unlocked from my within
To see just ‘cause she a ten don’t mean she queen enough for this
Her gimmicks, always there, trippin me into this rare
State of mind where her binds are winding me to always care
Unprepared when she swears that he beat her then shared
A death threat to that ex or whatever the heck I bare
Just don’t compare to his hair and body soppin up some stares
Apparent that fair isn’t darin to drift towards my care
Wearing char marks on cats from half drab affairs
And little hands snatching shards from the hearts she ensnared
The Blair Witch is prolly jealous of her powers
To flower the graves of shapes she made from clay trousers
And cower back browsers that mistakenly found her
Turned them all to cowards then returned them, no vouchers
Gas showers, seeping prowlin through slits in her tongue
Strung up some dumb sons and dried ‘em out to hung
Bum day when a one relationship’s done
And one young kid is left to drudge and pick up all the crumbs
Now hon, why try so hard to pop that bra?
Crawl through all her hotness just to draw a short straw?
Why not just stop and grab a different bitch by the paw?
Not worth all the drama, wanna put the Prada on pause
All her nonsense, rich fits and priss ridden elegance
That’s crippling every gentlemen when sippin in her presence
And revel it ‘cause your relevance is tested by her heaven kissed
Bliss just want to hit but kid her hell’s permanent residence
But it’s intense, this feeling to persue
Her one-two bouncing steps that hop to a crude tune
And why do I ruin my life by buying that boohoo
To move a tissue to her loathe in hopes to be the next bruise


from Hug Life, track released April 6, 2014
Produced by Realms
Original Beat: Pastor Popoff



all rights reserved


Jonah Tallahassee, Florida

Music is still alive.

Influences: MF DOOM, Nas, Milo, Earl Sweatshirt, Chance the Rapper.

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